Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Take three.....

I've attempted to start this on two occasions, both of which ended when I couldn't get my pictures to upload.  This seems to be the time of year when I start thinking about doing this, as both of my past attempts have been in the mid to late winter.  It's probably triggered by an early 50 degree January day or just wanting something rocketry related to talk about after the long winter layoff.  Whatever the case, here I go again.

And it appears that I've figured out the picture bugaboo.  Stick around.  This could get ugly.

Last year was one of my more disappointing years since coming back to the hobby.  There was probably a bit of a letdown after 2013 when I flew more flights than any year previously.  I had a NARAM just up the road from my brother-in-laws house and B6-4 Field seemed to be flight ready whenever the mood struck me.  I wound up with 160 flights, beating my previous high by four.  That was good for a total impulse of 1528.969 Ns on the year, which was almost 500 Ns better than my previous high total.  In 2014 those numbers dropped to 60 flights and 281.569 Ns.  B6-4 Field spent the summer under water.  NARAM was out west.  The cornfield launches always seemed to fall on weekends when there were other plans that couldn't be changed.  Hopefully I'm in a groove like the San Francisco Giants, but in odd years.  Look out 2015.  It's my year again.


  1. "It's my year again..." And we should all be scared :)

    Seriously, looking forward to reading your posts - and you're right. Blogs are work!

    1. As it stands right now, I plan to attend Southern Thunder, so maybe a little fear is warranted on your part. ;-)